Have You Found the Treasures of Flipgrid?

The latest updates InTech treasures about FlipGrid

Flipgrid has quickly become one of the most popular instructional video apps.  The latest updates have made it even more engaging and easy to use!  Try it out by going to www.flipgrid.com.  Simply click Educator Login, select Microsoft, and then use your school email address and password to get started with these new tools…

Flipgrid Augmented Reality

Create QR codes of your videos from the Flipgrid app.  When the QR code is scanned within the app, the background will change to whatever your camera is viewing while playing the video. Click here for more information. 

Immersive Reader 

Microsoft’s accessibility tool is now embedded in Flipgrid and can provide closed captioning of videos. Click here to find out more. 


Introduce lessons, flip learning, and more with 3-minute videos.  Click here and learn how. 

Disco Library

Many of our favorite tech providers have partnered with Flipgrid to create 10,000 ready-made conversation starters.  Click here to search the Disco Library for ideas. 

Guest Mode

Invite families, guest speakers, and others to your grid. Click here to see how. 

My Flipgrid

See all of your Flipgrids in one central location. Click here to find out more.


Connect with the world via #GridPals. Click here to get going. 

Need help getting started?  Contact your local school Technology Training Integration Specialist.  


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