Connect to Parents with Microsoft Translation Tools

Connect with Parents with Microsoft Translation Tools

With Conference Week on the horizon, Microsoft translation tools can help teachers, staff, and administrators bridge language barriers and provide better access to information for everyone!

Microsoft Translator App
This app can be downloaded to any Cobb laptop or desktop computer from Software Center, and it is available for free on most mobile devices.  Translator allows users to translate text, images, or conversations to another web enabled device.  When used in conversation mode, the parent simply adds the conversation code and can read and hear what is said in their native language. In addition, parents can also speak a response into the Translator app on their device, and it will translate to English.
With picture mode, users can snap a picture of a page of text, and the text is translated. When the translation is complete, users can share it with others similarly to sharing a picture from a mobile device. Learn more about how to use Microsoft Translator for parent/teacher conferences here.

Microsoft Translator in Office
Easily translate newsletters, email responses, and other written communication via Translate in Office. Simply highlight the text you want to translate, right click, and select Translate. A pop-up window will appear with language options. You can also translate a whole document. In Word, go to the Review tab -> Language -> Translate -> Translate Document. Get more information about translating written text with Translator here.

Microsoft Translator in Edge
This is a browser extension in Edge that will translate a webpage to another language. Simply click on the Translator icon at the end of the URL box and select the language that you want to appear. Parents can now read the district webpages and other resources in their native language. See how easy it is to use Translator in Edge here.

Contact your local school TTIS for additional support.



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