Where Did My Apps Go? – School iPad Updates

Were your school or classroom iPads updated recently? The latest update has a new app for Cobb iPads! This application, CCSD Apps, contains many apps that can be downloaded without using an Apple ID. However, before you close the account for an Apple ID, there are some considerations:

  • By using the Apple ID for your school’s iPad, you have access to all previously purchased apps. To find them, just go to the App Store, click on the person icon in the upper right corner, and locate your purchases. This is the fastest way to find the favorite apps you have been using in your classroom.
  • When you tap to open the CCSD Apps icon, you will notice it is already populated with many popular apps Cobb teachers are using with their students. Scroll through the list to see what has already been populated or use the search bar at the top of the list. If a school chooses not to use an Apple ID, the iPad manager should see the school TTIS for instructions on how to avoid potential issues.
  • All TTIS team members are taking requests for apps to be added to the CCSD App kiosk. Apps are being vetted to ensure they are appropriate for Cobb County students. Please note this is not the fastest way of obtaining apps because the kiosk apps will be updated twice a year. If you need an app quickly, use the assigned school Apple ID and App store.

For additional information, check out the iPad resources on the Instructional Technology web page.  Contact your local school’s TTIS for additional support. 

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