Filewave and Setting iPad Restrictions

Two options to set and manage school ipads

With FileWave, the new iPad management system, Cobb teachers and leaders now have more ways to manage and set restrictions on iPads. Read on to investigate your options…

Option #1
Continue to manage your iPads as you always have. Use Screen Time to manage user restrictions, including content, account changes, privacy settings, and more.   Click HERE for InTech’s complete guide to iPad Settings & Restrictions for iOS 12 or later. For iPad Settings & Restrictions iOS 11 or earlier, click HERE. No matter what restrictions you choose, they will need to be set on each iPad in the building.

Option #2
Make setting restrictions quicker and easier by having your restrictions set by the District through the new FileWave system. This option allows for restrictions on every student iPad in a building, but restrictions will remain in place for the entire school year and cannot be turned on or off upon request. These restrictions include disabling elements such as cameras, video, app deletion, account changes, AirDrop, and more.  Contact your local TTIS for more information and to receive a complete list of restriction possibilities. Your TTIS will assist you in the request process.

Want to see the available apps for download from FileWave? Click HERE.




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