The Gift of Annotation Tools

Annotation ToolsThere are so many choices…SMART, xPress, Windows Ink Workspace, and Edge Annotation.  How do you want to annotate on your Interactive Board? #CobbInTech has you covered!

SMART – Versatile annotation tools are available in the SMART Notebook software.  Users can annotate in SMART with imported documents or anywhere on the screen in any other tool when using the transparent background.

xPress – There are easy to use annotation tools with a variety of colors available in xPress software-available on teacher laptops or on the Simplicity Touch home screen. 

Windows Ink Workspace – It is available in Windows 10 and offers three work areas!  There is a screen sketch for annotations in addition to sticky notes and sketch pad.

Edge Annotation – Take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on webpages-all by clicking the Add Notes button in the Edge browser.  Users can even save their annotated webpages. 

Check out the Cobb County School District Instructional Technology’s Interactive Classroom page to view short video overviews of these awesome annotation tools that are at your fingertips. 

Contact your local school TTIS for additional support.



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