The Overlooked App with Amazing Possibilities 

Keynote Presentation App

Are you looking for a student presentation tool to use with iPads?  Keynote is an intuitive platform that students can use to create innovative, quality presentations.  It is found in the CCSD Apps Kiosk on all Cobb iPads.

To create a presentation, users only need to choose a theme, double tap to edit, and add additional slides from the selected theme’s options. Students can jazz up their presentation by inserting photos, charts, math equations, and more.  Making a Keynote presentation more interesting and appealing is easy when students add animation and cinematic effects. Students can also integrate and adjust narration, notes, and sounds to play in their presentations. Finally, Rehearse Mode allows students to practice their presentations before sharing them with an audience.  

For more information about this exciting tool, contact your local school TTIS


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