Encouraging Parent Involvement in Digital Citizenship

Parental resources for digital citizenship

Education about online behavior is no longer just part of the classroom; spending time with family now often involves these discussions, which are always an opportunity for everyone to learn. Whether you are teaching digital citizenship lessons in class or encouraging parental involvement at home, learning is infused when teachers and parents partner in setting online expectations for students.  Parental Resources for Digital Citizenship are valuable partnering tools between school and home. Students navigating the digital dilemmas they face in and out of school requires adult monitoring until they have grown in experience, practice, and confidence to become fully proficient in how to interact online. Modeling online interactions everywhere creates students who are adept at working in the global community and is important for their continued progress. Make digital citizenship a part of your classroom culture by regularly adding resources to parental communication.

For additional resources, check out the Instructional Technology Digital Citizenship web page. 

Contact your school’s local TTIS for additional support.


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