Explore the World with Skype in the Classroom

Explore the World with Skype

Visit SkypeintheClassroom.com to explore the newly updated Skype resources from Microsoft!  Now it is easier than ever to connect with classrooms and experts from around the world.

Use these steps to get started:

1) Sign in using your school email address and school computer password. Note that you will be asked to complete several questions upon your first login. 

2) Explore guest speakers, virtual field trips, Mystery Skype, classroom connections, and additional resources with the Find Activities and Classrooms tab at the top of the page.

3) Click Connect with this Class or Request this Session to select a Skype session.  Find the availability of the class, virtual field trip, or guest speaker that matches your needs, select the appropriate time slot, and continue.

4) On the next screen, complete some short questions to schedule your session. We recommend typing the following message in the Further Information field since Cobb Schools uses Teams Meetings instead of personal Skype accounts: “I would like to connect my class to your session/class/virtual field trip. Cobb County Schools uses Teams meetings, so I would prefer to send you a Teams join link in order to best connect.  Please contact me at: (insert your CCSD email) so we can collaborate to plan the session.”  In additional to your regular inbox, remember to also check your other and junk email folders for the individual’s response.

5) Schedule the meeting via Outlook Teams Meeting, and share the join link with all parties you plan on connecting with for your Teams Meeting.

In addition to making connections through the Skype in the Classroom website, you might want to explore connections from families in interesting places.  Classrooms have Skyped with family members who work, live, or vacation across the globe.

Share your Skype connections on Twitter with #CobbInTech and @SkypeClassroom.

Learn more about Skype in the Classroom by visiting the Skype page on the Instructional Technology website.  If you need assistance, get in touch with your local school TTIS


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