Green Screen is now in iMovie!

Green screen is now in iMovie

With an iPad or iPhone, a green backdrop, and the iMovie app, any student can incorporate the magic of green screen into their creative projects.  

Get started with these steps: 

  1. Check your iOS. The iOS on your device must be 13.0 or higher. 
  2. Download iMovie. If you already have iMovie, make sure it is up to date.
  3. Create a green backdrop. Backdrops can be purchased online. Green fabric, felt, or butcher paper taped to a wall also work well.
  4. Plan your project. Have students determine their topic and write their script. Click herefor a storyboard template from Microsoft.
  5. Gather the pieces. Students should discover backdrop pictures or videos for their projects. Save these to the camera roll on the iPad/iPhone. Students will also record their video in front of the green screen using the iPad/iPhone camera and save it to the camera roll.
  6. Complete the project. Students are now ready to open iMovie and start putting their projects together. They do this by uploading the background first and then importing the green screen video as a green/blue screen video. Click herefor an easy to follow tutorial.  

Click here for a Wakelet full of iMovie ideas. Remember your local TTIS is happy to help you and your students with a Green Screen project.


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