Microsoft Stream Now Available

Stream is now available

Exciting news…Cobb teachers and students can now use Microsoft Stream! Stream is a secure video service that can be used to upload, view, and share videos from multiple platforms. Whether teachers are creating videos using screencasting tools, with PowerPoint Recorder, or other video tools, they can securely upload and share these videos with students. Stream also allows teachers to add interactive elements like Forms to a video, and that provides an opportunity to collect formative data from students while they watch and participate.  An additional benefit is that users can save directly to Stream from many Microsoft products making the video uploading and sharing process less time consuming.

How do I access Stream?

After logging into Office 365, click the Stream tile.

Note: If you do not see the Stream tile, click “all apps” to navigate to Stream and open.

What are the benefits of Stream?

Teachers can directly upload videos, obtain share links, create groups, and create channels with video permissions.

How do I start using Stream?

1) Create a Group

2) Add Students to the Group

3) Create a Channel

4) Upload videos to the Channel

5) Adjust permissions settings

6) Share link to a video

How will students view videos?

1) Students open the Streams app in their Office 365 account and view videos that have been loaded to channels.

2) Teachers can share a link, and students open the link.

Note: Students will only see videos of groups and channels they have been added to.

For more information about Stream, watch this video, view the resources, or contact your local school TTIS.


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