Nearpod for Cobb County Teachers!

For the duration of the school closure, Cobb InTech has partnered with Nearpod to provide all Cobb teachers access to exceptional remote learning tools! Nearpod is a lesson platform that allows teachers to share interactive lessons with students. Cobb Teachers have always had access to the free Nearpod platform, but with this special offer Cobb teacher accounts have been temporarily upgraded to the paid platform, which means they can assign student-paced lessons and access the full Nearpod library. 

How to get started
If you already had an account with your Cobb email address, just head to and log in as normal. You will automatically be added to our district account.  If you are new to Nearpod, check your Cobb email. You will have been emailed a password. Didn’t receive an email? Reset your Nearpod password here using your Cobb email address.

New to Nearpod?
Here are three excellent instructional videos to help you get started! Once you are finished watching, head to the Nearpod Lesson Library to browse ready-to-teach lessons to share with students.

You may also find this Nearpod Virtual Learning Playlist helpful.  If you have any questions, click here to contact your local TTIS. 

NOTE: Lessons created in the paid version of Nearpod will no longer appear when the upgraded accounts convert back to the free version after a return to school. 



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