5 Student Tips for Online Classroom Learning

Create star students in class and beyond! Video conferencing is the best kind of community socialization for remote learning. Video allows the norms established for a traditional face to face meeting to be reestablished in the online classroom and fills students’ and teachers’ natural need for socialization. However, certain reminders may need to be posted or reiterated for class meetings, posts, chats and discussions to make it possible for teachers to directly support instruction in an environment that may be new to students. Pre-established rituals and routines set the virtual classroom up for success. These habits will yield remarkable results where the focus continues to be content instruction and student production.

Reminders for students:

  1. Be on time and prepared – Have your supplies and needed information ready.
  2. Choose the right environment – Make it focused and distraction free. Remember: “You really are at school.” Stay in class and pay attention to your teacher and classmates.
  3. Respect others – You are sharing your time. Be careful not to interrupt, wait until you are called on, and be quiet when others are talking by muting your microphone. Remember to practice appropriate hygiene manners and turn away from the screen and microphone when coughing or sneezing.
  4. Be involved – Be clear and speak up when called upon. Use eye contact through the camera. Ask specific questions and clarify what type of directions you need. Use appropriate language for school.
  5. Keep learning and have fun – The teacher will let you know when it is work time and when it is play time. There is time for both, but the teacher will control how and when it is appropriate.

Click here to download a copy of the 5 Virtual Classroom Best Practices for Students Poster.


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