Windows 1909 and Edge Chromium Update

Over Spring Break many Cobb computers were updated to the latest Windows 10 platform, 1909, and they automatically received the new Microsoft Edge web browser called Edge Chromium. If your computer did not receive the update, and you would like to download it, you have the following options:

Edge Chormium

  1. If you are able to visit your local school, just hardwire your computer, restart it, and finally view and start the update via Software Center.
  2. From home, you can connect to VPN, open Software Center, and then view and start the update.
  3. You may also wait until we return to school to perform the update.

If you experience slow run times when opening and using Software Center, please be patient. The process of connecting and validating your computer can take several minutes. Also, remember that you must either be connected on a school campus or through VPN to access Software Center.

Steps to Download the Windows 1909 Update via Software Center

  1. Search Software CenterType “Software Center” into the Start Menu in the lower left corner of your computer and choose Software Center, or just click on the Software Center icon on your desktop.
    Software Center Desktop
  2. Once in Software Center, click on Updates, and click to install the Windows 1909 update.

For questions or help regarding the Windows 1909 update, please contact your local school TTIS.

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