Explore Digital Citizenship Activities and Ideas in Common Sense Media

Surf into summer with these great ideas on keeping families involved with digital citizenship! While you relax at the pool, use Common Sense Media to start planning how to empower your colleagues, leaders, students and families with digital citizenship throughout the 2020-21 school year. Here are seven easy ways to jump-start Digital Citizenship:

1. Introduce Digital Citizenship at Open House or Back-to-School Night.
2. Send tips and resources home to families regularly.
3. Tailor your efforts to meet families’ needs.
4. Empower students to take digital citizenship lessons home.
5. Share the research on this important topic.
6. Do a digital citizenship check-in during parent-teacher conferences.
7. Address parent concerns with a schoolwide presentation.

Get more digital citizenship ideas from Cobb InTech’s Modeling and Practicing Digital Citizenship skills live webinar recording!

Get more information from this Common Sense Media article, and for additional resources, check out the Cobb Instructional Technology Digital Citizenship web page. For additional support, contact your local school TTIS.

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