4 InTech Certifications

4 Cobb InTech Certifications

The Cobb Instructional Technology team offers many opportunities for professional learning and growth. There are four self-paced online courses for teachers and leaders designed to empower and amplify teacher technology integration in the classroom.  Click on the links below to learn more about each certification. 

  1. Digital Citizenship – This online asynchronous course is designed to empower teachers and school leaders to build digital citizens in their classrooms, schools, and beyond.
  2. Cobb Microsoft Innovative Educator– Embrace a growth mindset and explore Microsoft Office 365 for Education applications such as OneNote, Accessibility Tools, Sway, and Teams. Contact your local TTIS for more information on the MIE course. 
  3. Cobb BYOD Certification – Tools and information to properly plan and implement a BYOD program in classrooms and schools will be covered in this online course designed for teachers and leaders. 
  4. Cobb SMART Digital Educator Course – In this online course you will explore many aspects of SMART Notebook and SMART Learning Suite Online that will help increase student engagement. 

Contact your local school TTIS for additional support.

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