Nearpod: Important Changes from District Level to Silver Level

Nearpod partnered with Cobb County Schools to upgrade all free teacher accounts at the silver level to district level accounts during the Digital Learning Days this past Spring. However, on June 30th, all complimentary district level Nearpod accounts will return to the free silver accountThe only exception to this will be if a teacher purchased an individual Gold or Platinum account or local school purchase of a Nearpod subscription. 

The silver level account will still allow teachers to use most of the many features available in Nearpod to create exciting, interactive lessons for classrooms-traditional or online. Review this Nearpod features checklist to see just how extensive the silver account features truly are!

Unfortunately, teachers will lose access to the following premium Nearpod features: 

  • Library storage will be reduced to 20 MB
  • Lessons size limits will be reduced to 20 MB 
  • Maximum number of students allowed in a live lesson will be reduced to 40
  • Free access to the Premium Lesson Library will be removed and most pre-created lessons return to a “pay per lesson” status 
  • School/district association with access to a “local school/district only” lesson library will be removed
  • Supplemental content access will be removed. This includes Flocabulary, Digital Citizenship, and Career Exploration unless purchased by the local school

Premium features in lessons that have been previously created during the complimentary access period will continue to be available in the silver account.  However, after June 30, users can no longer access these premium features when creating new lessons, and they cannot be added previously created lessons.  To learn more about other changes to your Nearpod account as it returns to the free version, click here.  

For more information on Nearpod packages and pricing for individuals and schools, click here

Remember…your media specialist and local school TTIS have access to Nearpod’s premium features, so you can collaborate with them if there is a premium feature you would like to use.  To contact your school’s TTIS, click here.  


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