Student Safety and Nearpod

Nearpod Keeping Students SafeNearpod is a wonderful engagement tool many teachers love to use in their classrooms. Students can follow along with a teacher’s lesson and collaborate with each other. However, we still need to keep student safety at the forefront of our minds. It’s great to have students together in a digital environment, but we still need to remember learning comes first. Nearpod incorporates a few things to help keep students safe while they are in your Nearpod lesson.

  1. First, require students to validate their names with their Office 365 account. This will help you to know who is really in your classroom.
  2. Next, approve posts on the collaborate board before your students can see them and delete those which are inappropriate.
  3. Finally, you can always remove students from your session who are being disruptive.

For more information on student safety in Nearpod click here.

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Click here to see how to validate your students with your students’ Office 365 account.

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