Expand Your Teaching Space with Your SimplicityTouch

Extend Your DesktopMany teachers across Cobb have unleashed the power of their SimplicityTouch interactive flat panels since school started back. They are using them as second monitors to see their students in a larger screen while being able to navigate their laptops for resources and sharing abilities while in Live Digital Sessions in CTLS.

Extended laptop and Simplicity Touch

How To Extend Your View

Make sure your laptop is connected to your SimplicityTouch Interactive panel. On your keyboard, you can either use 

Fn (Function) +F8 key


 (windows) + P (Project)


You will choose the option to Extend your screen. You can then slide your Live Digital Session screen over to the panel. Think of your computer working in conjunction with your Interactive Flat Panel as one big unit, your laptop being the left-side and the panel becoming the right.

Click here for step by step instructions to extend your desktop.

Additional Resources for your Simplicity Touch can be found on the Cobb InTech website here: SimplicityTouch

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