Be a SMART Digital Age Classroom superhero with CCSD InTech’s Webinar Wednesday!  Start off your school year with unmatched Student Progress Monitoring power! Get to know the basics of SMART Lab-an exciting tool in the new SMART Notebook software available to all CCSD teachers with the Windows 10 upgrade.  In less than 30 minutes learn how to instantly gamify your classroom, engage your students, and easily track progress with this versatile gadget. It’s the perfect addition to your “teaching utility belt!”

The first Webinar Wednesday of the 2017-2018 school year will be on August 9 via Skype with the middle/high session at 8:00 am and the elementary session at 3:00 pm.  Your hosts will be Joy Gaines, Whitney Prather, and Marc Tartaro. Remember…if you are unable to join the live sessions, recordings will be posted on this blog the same day.  We want to be part of your Professional Learning Community and empower you to be a Digital Age Classroom Superhero!

View the Elementary Webinar Recording (coming soon)

View the Middle/High Webinar Recording

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