About your school counselors…..

Anne Rowley (K & 1st) Virginia Hetzel (4th & 5th) and Chandra Garrett (2nd & 3rd)

SCHOOL PHONE: Counseling Suite: 770-578-7200 Ext. 244 (Rowley) Ext.255 (Hetzel) & Ext. 234 (Garrett)

About Your School Counselors

Ms. Hetzel is excited to be back at East Side this year full time. Ms. Hetzel 
received her Master’s in School Counseling from the University of Phoenix. 
Prior to working as a School Counselor, Ms. Hetzel was a Physical Education 
teacher for 13 years in Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Arizona and South 
Carolina. In her spare time, Ms. Hetzel enjoys being with her children, 
exercising, reading, and going to the beach.

This is Ms. Garrett's fifteenth year at East Side.  Ms. Garrett is entering 
her 19th year of elementary counseling.  She received her master's degree 
in Guidance and Counseling from Bowling Green State University in Bowling 
Green, Ohio in 2000. She received her Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction 
from Lincoln Memorial University in December 2012.  Ms. Garrett enjoys 
traveling, reading inspirational/motivational books, dancing, yoga, hiking,
writing and spending lots of time with her family and friends.  Ms. Garrett, 
(affectionately called "Ms. Chandra") firmly believes that one cannot educate 
the mind without educating the heart FIRST.

This is Mrs. Rowley's eleventh year at East Side. Mrs. Rowley has worked with
children and families for over 30 years in several states, including
Georgia. Over twenty-five of those years have been in elementary schools 
as a paraprofessional, special education teacher, and school counselor.  
She has a BA in psychology and education and a master's degree in social 
work. She also completed the school counseling certification program at 
the University of West Georgia.  Mrs. Rowley is married and has three 
children.  She has two daughters who graduated from University of Georgia in 
May 2012 and May 2014, respectively; and a son who is entering his senior 
year at the University of South Carolina. She enjoys spending time with her 
family. She LOVES the beach and enjoys swimming, exercising, gardening and