Gym Notes 5/6

Hey Pirates,

There are only 13 more days of school left. Lets end this year with a bang! We are going to be playing some of our Pirate’s favorite large group games.

First up, is our cone stealing, strategy filled game called, “Pirates”. Students must work against other teams to try and collect the most cones to fill up their treasure chest.

Next, you better watch out for the radioactive isotopes in our tossing and throwing game, “McKidiver”. Students will work together to try and knock down their opponents hula huts. The team that knocks down the most in will be the winner.


Field Day

3rd – 5th Tuesday May, 14th (Cow Drop)

K – 2nd Wednesday May, 15

**Please check out the “Field Day” tab on my blog for more information about our event.


Coach Gresham


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