Unit # Vocabulary quiz Friday and Humanitarian Awards Information

Students will complete a unit 3 vocabulary quiz tomorrow.  Students will need to study from vocabulary on page 166 in textbook and notes from propaganda techniques.  Students who did not complete vocabulary assignment using frayer diagram will need text book to reference vocabulary words.  Attached below are definitions for propaganda techniques. 

Propaganda Techniques 1-2h2pcuf

Attached below is the power point information for Humanitarian Award expectations for tomorrow. Please take a moment to review before tomorrow. Students can wear standard school dress attire including khaki pants. If wearing dress pants, please make sure they are presentable for an awards presentation.

Humanitarian Etiquette 02-15-18 (3)-1ghl48l


Springboard Textbook Work

Please complete the following task for homework tonight:

Springboard textbook work

Read pages 172 -174 then answer questions 1-7 in complete sentences

Read pages 175 – 177 then answer questions 9-14 in complete sentences

Read pages 178 – 180 then answer all questions on page 180 in complete sentences

Read pages 181 – 185 then answer questions 1-10 in complete sentences

Classwork and study aids

Students will need to complete vocabulary and workbook assignment tomorrow before end of class for unpacking embedded assessment 1, unit 3.  

Key vocabulary terms important for tomorrow’s lesson…claim, argument, convince, persuade, fact, opinion

Tomorrow in class, students will receive USA test prep login information for at home quiz practices. Link is provided below. Students will use the login below to practice their login information tomorrow.



Explanatory Essay Rough Draft

Today students began working on embedded assessment #2 for explanatory writing. Students are writing a response to prompt on page 163 in Springboard textbook.  Brainstorm and rough draft are due in class tomorrow.  Homework – complete rough draft.  Attached are some helpful handouts to guide students through the rough draft format. 



Catch Up and Due Dates

All Springboard work from last week will be due tomorrow at end of class. Students who have not finished, should have your work with you to finish at home tonight.  Temple Grandin video questions from previous post is due at end of class tomorrow.  Students will begin work on 2nd embedded assessment for Unit 2 tomorrow in class. 

Any student who needs additional help or support in writing RACE responses, I will be available for tutoring at 8:15 a.m. Thursday morning.