Context clues powerpoint

Please review the context clues powerpoint that was used for notetaking in class today.

Context Clues Power Point-1hdv57a

Make sure you have completed all reading assignments and RACE responses by beginning of class Wednesday.

Saving Farewell to Faithful Pal pages 149 to 151

Answer questions 2,3,4 in RACE format

Dogs Make Us Human pages 153-154

Answer Questions 1,2,3 in RACE format

My Story pages 159 – 160

Answer Questions 1,2, in RACE format




Homework for Wednesday

Using information gathered from “drilling down” themes activity, answer the following question: Is humility (being humble) good or bad? Does it keep us safe or hold us back from what we want to do in life?

Explain your response in at least 5 to 7 sentences. Due upon return to class on Wednesday.

Attached is an additional practice handout for finding theme. Please complete and bring to tutoring on Thursday if you need extra help with this skill.

Theme practice-20r5s8z

Weekend homework and catch up

For students who were absent or did not complete work, below is a listing of assignments from the last 3 days…..

Today, Students created a symbolic visual of what their own life theme would be. Students used symbolism handout to draw 3 symbols to represent their theme. For example, if the theme is Don’t give up, what symbols on the handout would represent it. Draw on blank paper or use computerized image. If using electronic option, please use office 365 to share with me.

Colours and symbol meanings-261j96a

Students read “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” on page 74 in Textbook and answered check for understanding on page 83. Do not need to use RACE for response.