Students who have not completed pages 220 to 223, need to complete for homework tonight.  Students will be grouping up in class tomorrow for debate on social media. 

Any student who has not turned in persuasive essay will need to complete tonight and turn in tomorrow during homeroom tomorrow. 


Grammarflip assignments

Grammarflip assignments due Thursday are as follows:

Lesson 10 exercises 1,2,3

Lesson 39 exercises 1,2,3


Be sure and follow directions from previous post for creating Grammarflip login. You will need to email me for class code.

Field trip tomorrow! Bring snack!!

Thursday, classwork for persuasive writing will continue.


Grammarflip sign up link

Registering students couldn’t be any simpler!

1. Send your students to the following url: https://app.grammarflip.com/register

2. Direct them to select “Student” from the drop-down menu.

3. Any students under the age of 13 (or any students who do not have an email address) should check the “Under 13?” box.  Students under the age of 13 should not reveal any personally identifiable information.  First names, last initials, and a non-identifying username are acceptable.

4. Provide your students the appropriate class code for their class section.  Be sure to clarify any confusion between letters or numbers that may look similar (ie, the capital letter “O” and the numeral “0”).

5. Have them read through the privacy policy and terms of use and click “Be a Student.”