Personal Narrative Writing Assignment

Students are working this week on completing a Personal Narrative writing assignment.  Below are the links for instructions and resources to aid students in completing this task.  Narrative writing assignment is due no later than October 3rd.

Narrative Writing Assignment-1gepznk

Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer-24aanp9


Students completed today in class pages 36-39 of Springboard textbook

Springboard link

Instructions and Links for Online Springboard

Students and Parents, below are links for instructions and logins for online Springboard textbooks.  Students will use office 365 school login and passwords.

365 Username – first.last      password – same as computer password at school



Homework tonight and tutoring

Students are still struggling with writing techniques and pronouns! I will be sending out notices about tutoring for next week. Parents, please check agendas tomorrow for notices that will go home with students.

Homework tonight, students will view the following image and write a descriptive paragraph which tells a story.  Please include brushstrokes, active voice, correct pronoun usage, and figurative language.

Tuesday Homework

Student homework tonight is to first complete grammar section of HW sheet on pronouns and second to rewrite sentences from Friday’s rewrite of  “The Circuit” with brushstrokes. At least 2 brushstrokes should be evident.

Attached is brushstrokes handout, Friday’s assignment, and pronoun case graphic.

There will be a quiz over today’s notes at beginning of class.


Friday’s assignment – Rewrite ending to the short story, “The Circuit”.  Include the following: 2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each), 2 examples of figurative language, dialogue with tag lines.




Brushstrokes brochure-1gt8b32