Friday Fitness Challenge

Happy Friday my Chalker Cheetahs!  I hope you have a good Spring Break next week.  Remember to keep your bodies moving!  Go back and try some of your favorite activities I have already posted.  I have a fitness challenge for you today.  Here are two links to the Bring Sally Up Challenge. The first one is a squat challenge, and the second one is a lunge challenge.  Pick one or try them both.  Have a super Spring Break!

Terrific Thursday

What a beautiful Thursday!  It is a bit cooler than last week and the pollen count is down – Yeah!  I am super sad that we will not be together at school again this year.  I am working on getting my kids to help me with a YouTube station so I can do some videos for you. Until then, I need you to keep working at staying active.  Here is a 13 minute family workout I found that is lots of fun.  Gather your family together and give it a try!


Super Hero Workout

It is a wonderful Wednesday! I hope you all are doing well.  I have a special Super Hero workout for you to try today.  Here is a Super Hero worksheet you can print out and a video to try.  What is your Super Power?

Good Morning!  It is hard to believe that tomorrow is April 1st.  I have to admit, I am missing all my sports: basketball, soccer, baseball.  For all you athletes out there, keep up with your sports skills as best you can at home.  This will be over soon and we can get back to our normal activities.

Here is a new activity calendar for April. April Calendar How many days can you be active?  Here is a 2 week activity log you can fill out to make sure you are getting 60 minutes of activity a day. Activity Journal I have also included a fun scavenger hunt, one for inside and one for outside.  Try them both, weather permitting! Remember:

Get Up, Get Moving, Get Fit

Pollen Busting Monday

Good Morning Chalker Cheetahs!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Over the past few days, everything outside turned yellow.  Let’s try some GoNoodle inside today to get our 60 minutes of activity.  Let’s start with the Fresh Start Fitness link below, then check out some other activities.  Try something new that you have not done before.  Have you tried the new Best Tees channel?  Looks like a lot of fun.  Enjoy your day and check back tomorrow,  Remember: Get Up, Get Moving, Get Fit!

Fantastic Friday

Happy Friday Chalker Cheetahs!  It is another beautiful day.  Make sure you spend some of your day outside moving.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Next week I am going to post a video on how you can make your own scoop like the ones we have at school.  If you empty a gallon milk jug, make sure to rinse it out and save it.

Here is a great link for a little indoor activity.  Have a great weekend and remember:

Get Up, Get Moving, Get Fit

Dance Party Day

Happy Thursday my friends!  I am hoping that you are having fun with all the cool activities your teachers have been sending out.  I thought today would be a great day for a dance party!  Did you know that dancing is a great way to get exercise and raise your heart rate? Don’t forget to stay hydrated and take drinks during your dance session.  Here is a link to 34 minutes of KidzBop dance moves.  Can you keep up through the whole thing?  Let’s see what you’ve got!

Wonderful Wednesday

It is a Wonderful Wednesday.  The sun is out and the temperature is great!  Go outside and play today…run, jump, ride your bike (with a helmet please), bounce, catch, kick a ball.  Enjoy this lovely spring weather and get your body moving outside!  Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

I miss all you Chalker Cheetahs and hope you are all doing well!

Get Up, Get Moving, Get Fit

Coin Flip Workout

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Here is an easy activity to do with your whole family at home.  All you need is a coin to flip. There are 9 rounds to complete.  Each time you flip the coin, do the assigned exercise in that round.

You can go to my first post (Welcome to Online PE) for a number of activity and movement links. Have FUN!  Get Up, Get Moving, Get Fit!

Flip a Coin Workout

Justice League Fitness Challenge

I hope this finds you all healthy at home.  Here is a fun activity you can do inside on this rainy Monday.  Join the Justice League in getting your bodies physically fit.  The great thing about this is you get to pick which exercises to do.  Have fun and remember Get Up, Get Moving, Get Fit!