March 27, 2018

This month is zipping by so fast! We have been super busy in class reviewing and getting prepared for the end of the school year. I think we are all relieved that Spring Break (April 2nd – 6th) is right around the corner. Be sure to have your child ready daily and do practice test items on  This website will help them get prepared for testing. Also, have them continue to visit and

All of these websites will help your child to increase their reading and work stamina and be more relaxed and prepared for the Milestone and End of the Grade Testing coming up after Spring Break.

Upcoming Dates:

Math Learning Night at Walmart 5:30-7:00pm Wednesday, March 28th

Awards Day Thursday, March 29th (Only Awards by Invitation)

Spring Break April 2nd-6th Testing

Milestones Pep Rally Monday, April 9th

Milestones for Third Grade April 10th-13th

January 25th

Today was a great day. The students had a chance to use their Raz-Kids reading account and work on researching within databases about pollution and conservation. For homework tonight the students should answer the following in their journals. You will begin to see these journals very often and sometimes I will ask that you sign them.

Topic: Where can I find a triangle, square, quadrilateral, and a parallelogram in the real world. Tell the location and draw a picture of the shape.

Snow Day! Jan.17th

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all nice and warm enjoying some family time. We have missed quite a few days and I would like for the students to be sure to practice some skills at home while they are not in school today. Please have them work on their homework (from last night) and the list of items below. Thank you and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Math: for multiplication, division, area, perimeter, and shapes. They may also log into their Conceptua account and complete assignments. As always, study their multiplication facts.

Reading and Writing: Have students read a total of 60 minutes today (you may break it into chunks for 15 or 30). Students should write me a one page summary including: Book Title, Author, number of pages read, the main idea of the book with supporting details, and their recommendation. Also, visit their MobyMax account as well as any GUMS tasks on HenryAnker. Students should then complete a writing prompt sharing their opinion of, “Should students in third grade have cell phones?”. Tell them to be sure their opinion is clear and well supported.

Technology: Work on keyboarding skills on HenryAnker. Start with Lesson 1 and progress forward.



December 4th Update

Today was a great day! I am glad to be back after being under the weather at the end of last week. The students were very busy today working on understanding how to read scaled bar and picture graphs as well as how to “Edit and Revise” their research papers in Office365. Ask about their favorite part of the day.

November 8th

It has been a very busy few weeks. We are working hard in class to build our community and work in collaborative groups. Continue to work with your child on multiplication fluency at home and make sure they read everyday. If you have not already please send in the permission for and payment for the field trip on the 14th.

Ideas: Have them read to you while you cook or while you’re driving in the car.

Wednesday Update

Today was a long day even though there was no testing. We spent a lot of time on “DIVISION”! As a class we are getting much better at solving multiplication problems and I was feeling pretty good about division. However, after a little quiz today (not for a grade) I found there is still a good bit of confusion. We will continue working on our strategies (repeated subtraction, fact families, sets & groups, inverse operation). Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication facts each night because that will help them also master division.


Math pages 245-248 (try them all)

Read 20 minutes

Monday Update

Today was a great Monday! We had such a packed day of testing, Arts Integration of Music, and starting a new Narrative writing. Ask your child what was their favorite part of the music we listened to in the classroom today or their favorite part of the music instruments.


Math-Study X Facts, Writing-Narrative Mind-Map, Read 20 minutes.

Daily Update

Today was a great and long day of testing. We had lots of fun after the test this morning moving to go-noodle and burning off some much-needed energy! We then enjoyed working and learning all about  answering questions based on a characters feelings and emotions in our class read aloud Peter Pan. 

If you haven’t turned in homework yet, finish it tonight. It is all due tomorrow. Parents write the title of the book your child reads each night in their agenda and initial that they read. Have a great evening!

Daily Update

Welcome back from an extended weekend. I was so relieved to see everyone back at school today after our terrible weather from Hurricane Irma. We had a great day back getting into the grove. We will continue with our IOWA Testing tomorrow, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. I hope that everyone has a great night.


Math: V1 pg.269 all, pg. 275 all, Study X Facts

Reading: 20 minutes, Little Banana Girl & questions