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B. Smith-Seedfolks Research

Log into your EasyBib account. https://edu.easybib.com/ Username: firstname_lastname Password: student ID number (lunch #) Time to set up your projects! Add a new project & name it like this: Seedfolks (country) Research. Don’t actually type...

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Checking your Destiny Account

If you want to see if you have any books checked out, when they’re due, or want to put a book on hold, all you need to do is log in to your Destiny...

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The Book Hunt ENDS!

Welcome to the Book Hunt! In honor of the Book Club’s first book, “Book Scavenger“, the McClure Media Center is hiding books ALL over this school & leaving clues! Can YOU find one? You’ll need...

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Summer Reading 2016

This year, we’ve decided to move back to an in-house Summer Reading Program instead of joining the Scholastic Summer Reading Program. As a school, we decided that we valued knowing what books our students...

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