Oct 24

How would you like to score a ticket to one of the most exclusive parties of the year?

The Media Center is hosting a All Hallow’s Read Party on Thursday, October 30th at 8:00 am!

We’ll have games, prizes, food, fun, a photo booth…all under one roof. It’ll be an awesome way to start your day!

We’ve already invited our top patrons and our media crew. Now, it’s your turn to earn a ticket!

All you’ll need to do is just follow the clues to find the pumpkins in the media center!

You want a sneak-peak at the clues?

OK! But, here are the rules: ONE PUMPKIN PER STUDENT!!!!! You can NOT find pumpkins and save them for your friends. That is not fair. At all. Each student has to find their own pumpkin. Also, you need to be stealthy about this. If you’re all loud and like: “I KNOW WHERE IT IS!!! ITS IN THE _______!!!!” Someone will steal your pumpkin. And they derseve to. Because you told everyone where it was. Don’t be that guy. Or gal.

All Hallows Read Ticket Scavenger Hunt Locations

When you find the pumpkin shaped slip located at each of the following spots, come to the circulation desk; turn it in for a party permission slip & cross the clue off the list by the desk. found

  1. Fiction Books are arranged from A to __. Look at the end if you want to find me.
  2. Nonfiction books, we have so many, I can be found around the 520s.
  3. You want a ticket to the party? Open the dictionary and be a smarty.
  4. This book won the Newbery in 2014; when you find your slip make sure you don’t scream!
  5. We’ve got lots of paper on a roll; look for the one the color of coal.
  6. These blocks of wood make the cut; I’m under the symbol that follows “what”.
  7. Books that just came out, we have a few, look at the ones that are new.
  8. Our students just can’t keep from pawing these novels that are made up of a bunch of drawings.
  9. Mrs. Harpin’s favorite books aren’t very brief; the first in the series is about a lightning thief.
  10. Mary Downing Hahn is an author we love; to find the slip make sure you don’t shove.
  11. Want to know what’s cooking? Have you tried looking?
  12. Have you read these books to movies? Some of them are really groovy.
  13. Ooky, spooky, & scary! On this display you’ll find books that are very!
  14. At the news crew you could spy, look in this window if you’d like to try.
  15. It’s your Destiny to find this one, look around the station and you’re done.
  16. You loved these books in Kindergarten; take a trip back to the startin’. (of your education).
  17. At these books, you’ll find me. Our author’s start with the letter C.
  18. When you walk in the door, do this first or you won’t be able to stay anymore.
  19. This printer costs a LOT of money, don’t be wasteful, it isn’t funny!
  20. Some animals are fuzzy and cute, but these wear their skeleton as a suit.
  21. When you bring your books back you put them here, stick your hand in, and have no fear.
  22. We think our new tables are pretty neat, but take a look under one of the seats.
  23. Lost flash drives, we have a lot. Take a look in the found pot.
  24. Seriously, this series about warrior cats is pretty cool; don’t just stare at them like a fool.
  25. This model of the world, it goes round and round, on it one last clue may be found.
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Oct 20

Great news! At this year’s Book Fair, for every $5 that you spend, you’ll receive a ticket for our raffle! We have 5 amazing prize packs to choose between. Just put your tickets in the jar of the prize pack you’d like to win. Winners will be announced on The Friday afternoon announcements.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.






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Oct 16

Today, I’m super excited to begin working with the 8th grade Spanish classes on a long-term, collaborative, multimedia project! We’ll be setting up your projects and discussing partnership responsibilities and the project timeline.

First Order of Business: Project Planning Sheet

  • One group member will need to open this GoogleDoc, save a copy of it in their GoogleDrive, and share that copy (with editing ability) with their partner.
  • You will also need to share your planning sheet with Sra. Goelz at [email protected] and give her the same editing rights as your fellow group members.


Second Order of Business: Set up Group ThingLink Account

One group member will need to set up their ThingLink for the group. The login info for this account should be saved in your project planning sheet.

Third Order of Business: Create 1st ThingLink

  • Using one of the options below, work together to find a exceptionally awesome map of your country. This image will be the background of your first ThingLink. The picture you choose will just set the tone for your entire project, so no pressure. ;)
  • Save the picture to your student ID# and then upload it to ThingLink OR copy & paste the image URL (NOT the webpage, but the link to the actual picture).thinglink1


  •  Next, adjust your settings by setting your image to Unlisted.



Fourth Order of Business: Locate & ‘tag’ links to your image

  • Let’s start off easy with:
    • the flag
    • capital
    • 2 to 3 important geographic features
  • Because this assignment is very visual and interactive, you will need to really focus on choosing links that will be of the biggest impact. Your links can be to images, websites full of information on your topic, audio files, and even videos (remember that if you add the video from home, there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to see it here at school.) As long as a file is hosted on the internet, you will be able to link it to your project. You can even create documents and presentations in GoogleDrive, Prezi, Animoto, or any other web-based tool and link it to this project. Get creative!
  • When you ‘tag’ your image with a link, you’ll need to add the URL and a description of what your linking to the image.thinglink6
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Oct 14

Order of Business:

  1. We will review The Great Maple Syrup Heist outline notes that you completed for homework last night.
  2. Today, we’ll be familiarizing ourselves with a very important and helpful research tool, EasyBib. Your teacher gave you a sticker for your agenda with your EasyBib login information. Using our Great Maple Syrup Heist outline notes, we will:
    1. Set up a project
    2. Cite a source
    3. Take notes
    4. Create an outline


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Oct 13

PowerPoint from today’s lesson

Order of Business:

print your notes

  1. Open Microsoft Word and wait for further instructions.
  2. Note Taking Practice lesson.
  3. Print today’s notes.
  4. Read “The Great Maple Syrup Heist” news article from Scholastic News.
    1. Using short, fragmented, bullet points, take notes from the article.
      1. Focus on the 5Ws & the H as you take notes.
      2. Notes may be handwritten or typed. If typed, you must bring in a hard copy.
    2. If you do not finish taking notes, please complete this for homework.
  5. If you are insanely awesome and finish early…here’s what you can do:
    1. Watch these (and only these) BrainPop videos to familiarize yourself as to what we are studying. Take the quizzes & print them out for extra bonus points. Read the Q&A sections as well.
    • Click on the link to the right that will open MackinVia (Cobb Digital Library).
      • School: McClure Middle School, Kennesaw, GA
      • Username: Your student ID # (lunch #)
      • Password: read
        • Open BrainPop through MackinVia
        • Watch some videos & learn stuff. :)
          • Plagiarism
          • Paraphrasing
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Oct 06

The media center is looking for some input!

  • How would you like to choose what books & equipment we buy? (What books do we NEED? What types of equipment should students be able to check out?)
  • What about party planning? (Teen Read Week, All Hallow’s Read, Read Across America, Teen Tech Week…the list goes on & on!)
  • Do you want to create some awesome displays? (We need some fresh ideas in here!)
  • Would you like to write some guest blog posts for this blog? (Reviews of books, apps, websites, movies based on books…)

If you are interested in joining a dynamic team who will take our media center to the next level of awesome, complete the form below. We’ll be in touch soon.

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Oct 02





Dewey Numbers:

  • Call #: 363.17 (Chernobyl)
  • Call #: 363.73 (Pollution)
  • Call #: 363.739 (Air Pollution)
  • Call #: 551.5 (Atmosphere)


These are just some examples of search terms you could use. Remember that by using quotation marks, you are ‘gluing’ terms together. If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, try rearranging your terms.

  • Chernobyl
  • “Chernobyl Radiation”
  • “Chernobyl Disaster”
  • “Acid Rain”
  • “Air Pollution”
  • “Great Fog” London 1952
  • “Great Smog” London 1952

Online Databases:

  • Within Mackinvia: (username: student #, password: read)
    • World Book Living Green

 Gateway sites on the Internet:

Specific Web Sites:

Websites you should NOT use for this assignment:

  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo! Answer
  • eHow
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Sep 29

Protected: Teachers Only-Document Camera Sign Out

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Sep 24

Just wanted to let you guys know that we won’t be open before school this Friday, September 26th.

We will open at 8:50 and will have business as ususal at that point.

Please plan accordingly. :)


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Sep 24

One staff member AND one student will be randomly selected from the entries to win a prize pack! Prizes will be awarded at the end of the month. One entry per person, please. Thank you!

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