Sep 10

One staff member AND one student will be randomly selected from the entries to win a prize pack! Prizes will be awarded at the end of the month. One entry per person, please. Thank you!

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Sep 10

Students with BYOD stickers may use their devices in the media center!


You can use it to search our library catalog by scanning this code (with any device that has a camera and a QR reader app installed…more on that below)


An especially useful library app to have would be the Destiny Quest app. It is available for free from both iTunes and Google Play and will allow students to find books within our collection and manage their accounts (renew books, check due dates, put books on hold, make resource lists…).

In order to access your account and our collection with the Destiny Quest app on your mobile device, you’ll have to follow these easy steps:

The URL that you’ll need is:

Talk to Mrs. Harpin if you have any questions about the Destiny App or using Destiny on your mobile device.


Students might also want to install a QR code reader. We’ll be utilizing QR codes in the media center in the near future for promotions and special content. There are several free, highly rated QR scanner apps for pretty much any smart phone or device with built in cameras.

In fact, you can use these codes right now to install the free Destiny Quest app! (at home anyway…you can’t access  stores on the BYOD wireless network.)


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Aug 28

Students, you are going on a self-guided exploration into the world of atomic theory, as seen through the eyes of BrainPop. Follow these steps:

Click on the link to the right that will open Cobb Digital Library.


  • School: McClure Middle School, Kennesaw, GA
  • Username: Your student ID # (lunch #)
  • Password: read

Open BrainPop through CDL.

brainpop logo

  • Science
    • Matter & Chemistry
      • Atoms video
      • Atomic Modelvideo.

You may want to turn on the closed captioning (CC).
Don’t forget to check out the links under the videos (the Q&A is especially helpful)

BTW, you should probably be in Google Chrome right now.


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Aug 22

imageThis week, we’ll learn about using Animoto and open sourced Creative Commons licensed photos & songs to create an amazing video of your poem.

  1. Animoto Overview & description of assignment.
    1. Instructions & more Instructions
  2. Set up your Animoto account:
    1. Right click on this link to open in a new tab or window and follow Mrs. Harpin’s instructions. If you are absent during this lesson, please ask Mrs. Coulombe for the code.
  3. creative commonsUse  a Creative Commons Search to look for pictures for this assignment. Make sure you deselect (un-check) the box that says “Use for commercial purposes” because we aren’t going to sell them. Flickr & the rest of the options that say “image” will be what you want to look in for your pictures.
    1. Make sure you CITE THE PICTURES!!!! 
    2. You may also search for songs for your videos, but a word to the wise: pick a song that has no lyrics because words will interfere with viewers reading your poetry. You must also CITE THE SONGS!!! If you pick a song in Animoto, it will automatically include the citation in the video, so there’s that.
  4. Follow these directions to find pictures using Flickr’s Creative Commons photographs.

Turn your Credits slide into a picture for your video. <–Give credit to all photos/pictures/music! Use

  1. Open your “Picture Credits for ___ Project” PowerPoint.
  2. Click on the Office Button
  3. Save As
  4. Other Formats
  5. Make sure you Save as Type: JPEG (these tend to work better than PNG & GIF)
  6. Save the individual slide as Picture Credits to the “Pictures for ___ Project” folder that you created on your lunch #

You can turn a PowerPoint slide into a picture for your presentation.

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Create slides with or without text.
  3. Click on the Office Button.
  4. Save As.
  5. Other Formats.
  6. Make sure you Save as Type: JPEG (these tend to work better than PNG & GIF)
  7. Save the individual slide as pictures into a folder that you created for this specific project on your lunch #


Example Poem Video

Anti-Example Poem Video

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Aug 21
I shall attempt to read all 20 of the Georgia Children’s Book Award (Gr. 4 – 8) 2014 – 2015 nominees this year (even though, honestly, they aren’t all my ‘cup of tea’).
Who’d like to join me? Comment on this post if you are interested.  Let’s see if we can pick which book will be the state winner this year!

Books I’ve Read:

  1. One for the Murphy’s (Soooooo good, but sooooooo sad! Have tissues handy for this one. It made me ugly cry)
  2. Chomp (Funny, funny author. Same guy who brought us Hoot)
  3. Counting by Sevens (Once again, have tissues…unless you are a heartless monster, you will cry)
  4. Sarafina’s Promise (What’s with these sad books??? Very good though, makes you think about what you take for granted like school, houses, & clothes)
  5. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (I really liked this one! Very witty and fun. Loved the references to all sorts of books I’ve read. I’d love to be stuck in that library!)
  6. Rump (funny retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. I like it, reminded me of Ella Enchanted. The trolls might have been my favorite.)
  7. True Blue Scouts of Sugarman Swamp (Cross between Hoot & Tale of Desperaux. Super funny! Didn’t want to read it, but sure am glad I did.)
  8. March: Book I (Great, totally true story of a really unpleasant part of American history. Be aware that words & phrases that aren’t socially acceptable now were frequently used during the Civil Rights Movement. This book does not shy away from this language that many will find offensive. We can not ignore the bad parts of history or pretend they didn’t happen & I feel that the inclusion of these derogatory words & phrases only serves to remind us of how far we’ve come. BTW, this is a graphic novel)
  9. Ungifted **Reading now** (I’m finding it hard to get into this one, I’m going to put it down for a while and try again later)
  10. Three Times Lucky (Funny, heart-tugging mystery. I thought it was pretty good.)
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Aug 04

Welcome back, friends! I hope everyone had a great summer break and read lots of great stuff! We’ve got lots of big changes going on this school year & I want to tell you about one of them now:

The Media Center will now be offering a limited number of first come, first served passes for our study hall period.

  • Students may pick up a study hall pass from the study hall monitors starting at 8:00 each morning, but the media center will not open until 8:20.
  • The media center will open at 8:20 M-F.
  • Students may not pick up more than one pass (This means that students can’t save passes for their friends).
  • Once the study hall passes are gone, no more students will be able to attend study hall in the media center.
  • Students will now sign into the media center during study hall on a paper sign in sheet at the circulation desk.
  • Students should remember that the number 1 most important rule of the media center is RESPECT. Respect for other students working, respect for equipment & resources, and respect for faculty & staff. Students who violate this rule will be sent back to the theater.
  • Students without the paper passes will be sent back to study hall in the theater.

Computer Study Hall Passes (Blue)

  • Up to 3o passes available each morning*
  • Study hall computer passes are numbered. Students will use the computer that corresponds with the number on their pass.

Non-Computer Study Hall Passes (Yellow)

  • Up to 20 passes available each morning*
  • These passes are for students checking out books, studying in small groups, working on homework, tutoring each other, working on special projects…


  • *Teachers may reserve a block of computers for their classes to come in early to work on projects. This will limit the amount of computer passes available.
  • The media center reserves the right to send students back to study hall for any reason
  • The media center reserves the right to close during study hall period so that Mrs. Harpin & Mrs. Chambless may attend important faculty meetings. Closures will be announced in advance when possible.


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May 09


The Cobb County School District’s Library Media Education and English Language Arts Departments have partnered with the Cobb County Public Library System (CCPLS), Marietta City Schools, and Smyrna Public Library to provide complementary summer reading programs for Grades 6-12. The theme for this summer’s teen reading program is “Spark a Reaction.” (based on the Collaborative Summer Library Program, an organization used by public libraries in all 50 states).

To participate in the school and/or public library programs:

  1. READ! A suggested reading list is attached, but a student may read any age and level-appropriate book of his/her choice. Consult your public librarian for additional recommendations.
  2. Complete an online or printed review form for each book read. All necessary resources can be found here.
  3. If students want to be eligible to win prizes, online forms need to be submitted and printed forms need to be returned by July 31 for CCPLS and by the first week of school for school libraries. For more information about the CCPLS Summer Reading Program, click here.

    The more you read and turn in, the more you have a chance to win! (10 entry maximum for CCPLS).

Research consistently shows a correlation between summer reading participation and student achievement but only when parents, educators, and community members provide access to books and support with comprehension. According to James Kim, assistant professor at Harvard University, “voluntary summer reading programs can work—but they work best when adults and teachers get involved by helping students to choose appropriate books and employ simple techniques to improve skill and understanding,” (source)

For more information regarding these programs, contact your local school or public librarian, and remember, reading books will “Spark a Reaction!”

Summer Reading Requirement for Rising 7th & 8th Graders

Summer reading is important for middle school students. It helps foster a lifelong love of reading and helps students maintain the gains in reading comprehension skills they have made during the school year. For this reason, we will require all rising 7th & 8th graders to read a minimum of one book this summer. While there will be no formal requirement for rising 6th graders, we strongly encourage all of our students to read over the summer.


McClure students will choose at least one age-appropriate and level-appropriate book to read this summer. They may wish to consult the Suggested Summer Reading List, which can be found on the McClure website, but are not limited to the titles and authors listed. Students should choose ‘new’ books to read rather than reread titles they have read in the past. We encourage parents to take an active role in helping students make good book choices. Please take into consideration each child’s reading maturity and interests.


Students do not need to complete a formal written assignment about the books, but they need to come to school in August ready to participate in assignments and activities based on the books. Students will need to bring one of the books with them to school in August.


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Apr 29


Apr 21

Once upon a time, a helpful media specialist took on the challenge to help a fabulous sixth grade language arts instructor teach her students about the exciting topic of types of literature in the Oral Tradition-(otherwise known as the art of storytelling).

Myths, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Fables, & Legends Activity

Using the link above, you will complete several tasks:

  • EVERYONE will complete Tasks #1 & #2, using the handouts provided.
  • TASK #3 is FREE CHOICE! You may choose to complete any two of the five options provided. You may use your own paper or may type your responses on Microsoft Word (If you do NOT change any of the font settings!!!) :) Make sure you put your name on your papers!


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Apr 14

The 1st day of research is always previewing the information you find.

You will NOT be taking notes or citing sources today. You may wish to bookmark your websites & articles that you find.


  • School: McClure Middle School, Kennesaw, GA
  • Username: Your lunch #
  • Password: read

Two resources to use today:

  • Opposing Viewpoints-Provides over 14,000 opposing viewpoints essays on over 5,000 topics of interest for students and researchers.
  • SweetSearch-a search engine where every web site has been evaluated by research experts.

 For tomorrow-make sure you can access your EasyBib account.