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Summer Reading 2016

This year, we’ve decided to move back to an in-house Summer Reading Program instead of joining the Scholastic Summer Reading Program. As a school, we decided that we valued knowing what books our students...

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CONTEST-so much depends

April is National Poetry month and what better way to celebrate than to write poems? “so much depends” by William Carlos Williams has always been one of my favorites (probably because it’s so weird!)....

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Coulombe-Found Poems-Book Spine Poetry

In 1993, Nina Katchadourian stacked books and started a revolution. Her Sorted Books project led to tons of folks stacking books to create their own sentences, which then evolved into its own form of poetry.    ...

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March Book Club Book(s)

Last month, we read Skulduggery Pleasant by Dereck Landy, which our member  unanimously enjoyed! YAY! Finally, a book we ALL liked! We decided to go from a stretch of sci fi/fantasy books to try out some...

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Burchette-Research Day 2

Essential Question: How can I choose reliable websites for my research? Learning Target: I will be able to use Google & the Cobb Digital Library to find at least THREE reliable website for my research topic. Learning...

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