November Genre & Dewey of the Month!

Tom is going to tell you about this month’s focus!


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November comment contest:

1. What is your favorite historical person or historical event and why?


2. What is the best historical fiction book you’ve ever read?

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2 Responses

  1. Sam Corley says:

    My Favorite historical person is Ahmed Shah Massoud. You probably haven’t heard of him, but he was very important in removing the Taliban from control of the government of Afghanistan. He was a powerful warlord that rejected how the Taliban treated people and things. He helped kill off alot of Taliban soldiers. He died on Semptemper 11, 2001 after a suicide bomber attempted to kill him and gave him mortal injuries. I like him because he defied the Taliban.
    ~Sam C.~

  2. Erica Waleski says:

    My favorite historical person is Ann Frank, because she was so young when the Nazis took over part of Germany. She kept a dairy about her life. A little bit before Germany was tooken over, during that time period when her and her family and some other people were hiding from the Nazis, and little bit during the holocust. She went through many hard times and she died on March 1945 from a disease, she was fifteen years old. Someone in her family took her dairy after she died and took it to a publisher. The publisher printed some copy of it and many people got the book because she is a great role model. And it tells how life was during the holocust. She is the only person who kept a dairy during that time and it turned into a book. So that’s why she is my favorite historical person.

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