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Look at what I found on NetTrekker’s Site of the Day blog!

kids vidKids’ Vid provides students and teachers with the tools and instruction necessary to plan, script, create, edit, and show videos in the classroom. It includes lessons, example video clips, pre- and post-production tips, and advice from other kids. Following the steps and stages that are recommended can insure that the videos students produce are not only well-constructed, but also support or extend the learning of any class.”–Janet Davidson


Mrs. Harpin’s take: I think this is pretty nifty. It shows you how to make a storyboard, set up your camera shots & lighting, edit your video, & gives you tips from other students. This is a great site if you are interested in making movies for school or fun & aren’t sure how to start. It’s also great for those of you who would like to improve their movie making abilities.

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