TRW13 Party Pics!

We had a BLAST this morning! Thank you to everyone who made this event possible & to all the kids who attended. We hope the 60-something of you had as much fun as we did getting it all ready for you! If you didn’t get a ticket for this event, there’s always next year!

Special thanks to:

  • Susan Chambless (the BEST parapro EVER!)
  • Pam Norton & David Hugg for cleaning up our huge mess
  • Our Wednesday Media Center Crew for helping us take down everything & tidy up
  • Mrs. Burchette dodging ‘flying saucers’
  • Our wonderful parent volunteers: Ms. Bagley (bookmarking), Ms. Broadwell (food policing), Ms. Milani (ticket-taker & photo booth manning), & Ms. Parkinson (also dodging flying objects)
  • Mrs. Yagadics for letting us borrow the big bowl for the punch
  • Our administration for letting us do crazy stuff like this. 🙂
  • If I left anyone off this list, I apologize! I’m a little exhausted right now 😉


Now, I’ve got to rest up for Book Fair next week!


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