Romano-Citing Sources 101

Today, Romano’s STEM students learned how to cite their sources by utilizing EasyBib, a bibliography creation tool provided by the McClure Media Center.

After a brief introduction from Mrs. Harpin, students practiced setting up projects and citing online news articles and digital images. Here are a few reminders:

Online News Articles:

  1. Copy the URL for the article and paste it into EasyBib under the “Website” tab.
  2. See if it will ‘AutoCite’ the article for you, but pay special attention to make sure that all of the boxes are filled in correctly.
  3. Remember that you might have to do some detective work to identify all of the necessary components. Publisher is usually located by the (C) at the bottom of the page!
  4. Pay attention to the credibility rating!

Digital Images:

  1. Remember that Google is NOT a source! Make sure you “View Image” to see the actual URL that belongs to the picture.
  2. Don’t cite a Digital Image as a Website. They are NOT the same thing!!!!
  3. If the picture doesn’t have a title, you need to provide a description. You do not need a title AND a description, just one or the other.


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