Peace, Love, & Books! It’s Spring BOOK FAIR time!


Did you know that the Book Fair raises money for our school’s Media Center program? It helps fund all of our contests and events, as well as provides us with books for giveaways. Book Fair proceeds also help us buy new furniture and student supplies.

Check out this website to shop online or preview some titles that we’ll be carrying. Or, you can SHOP ONLINE NOW & have your books delivered to your homeroom!

Hours of Operation:

Thursday, March 24-SALE-8:20-3:30

Friday, March 25-SALE-8:20-3:30

Monday, March 27-SALE-8:20-3:30

Tuesday, March 28-SALE-8:20-Intermission of the Talent Show

Wednesday, March 29-SALE-8:20-3:30

Thursday, March 31-SALE-8:20-3:30

Friday, April 1-SALE-8:20-9:30am

Special Promotions:


Donate $0.50 for a Chance to Pick our Flower & WIN!


If your sucker is marked with any of these colors, you win a prize!

RED-Mystery Prize & sucker

GREEN-$5.00 book fair gift certificate & sucker

BLUE-$1.00 book fair gift certificate & sucker

ORANGE-$0.50 book fair gift certificate & sucker

BLANK-a free sucker!


Once again, we’ll be offering Book Fair shoppers a chance to win some amazing prize packs. For ever $5 spent at the Book Fair, shoppers will receive a ticket for a drawing. We have 5 Prize Packs up for grabs!

  • Prize Pack #1-Girl Power contains The Possibility of Now, Secret Language of Sisters, soda, candy, & a pen.
  • Prize Pack #2-Adventure Awaits contains No Summit out of Sight, Kalaharisoda, candy, & a pen.
  • Prize Pack #3-Love & War contains A Little in Love, Red Queen, soda, candy, & a pen.
  • Prize Pack #4-Graphic Novels contains Bone #1 Out from Boneville, Roller Girl , soda, candy, & a pen.
  • Prize Pack #5-Record Setters contains Guinness World Records 2016: Blockbusters, Scholastic World Records 2016, soda, candy, & a pen.

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