Burchette-Seedfolks Research

  1. Log into your EasyBib account.
    1. https://edu.easybib.com/
      1. Username: firstname_lastname
      2. Password: student ID number (lunch #)
    2. Time to set up your projects!
      1. Add a new project & name it like this: Seedfolks (country) Research.
      2. Don’t actually type in (country). That’s where you type in what country you’re researching!
  2.  https://cobb.mackinvia.com/
    1. School: McClure Middle School, Kennesaw GA
    2. Username: Student ID number
    3. Password: read
      1. CultureGrams will be your new best friend!
    1. MINIMUM of 2 sources, one MUST be found through a DATABASE!
    2. You can have more. 🙂
  4. NOTES
    1. MINIMUM of 5 Categories
      1. Family Life
      2. Food (what would they plant & why, how would it grow, what conditions/supplies/space would be needed…)
      3. Clothing (traditional, modern…)
      4. Popular Culture (music, art, movies, tv, books…)
      5. Political Climate (what might cause someone to immigrate from this country)
    2. Additional category suggestions: Names (for the character, their family members, last names, pets…), Customs (like dating, gestures, sayings…)
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