November Book Club

At our October meeting, our members asked if we could read a scary book next, so…this month Mrs. Coulombe and I chose to feature an author that is prolific in that particular genre instead of choosing one novel to focus on.

Our November pick is Mary Downing Hahn!

While I’m not a huge fan of horror now, I went through a serious ghost story phase in my youth. One of Mary Downing Hahn’s early works, Wait Till Helen Comes, was a childhood favorite of mine. I rarely re-read books, but this is one book that I have read numerous times (along with The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright). Hahn is known for her creepy ghost stories for kids. They are mysterious and spooky but not graphic or gratuitous in nature so they don’t fall into YA like most horror novels for this age group.

Our book club members chose from the following Mary Downing Hahn books (but are free to choose to read any other of her works that we own)


We also discussed breaking our Book Club into two groups next month. We’d let the 8th graders (and others with permission) read a YA novel and the others would read a middle grades novel as usual. We will discuss this further at the December meeting.

Next Meeting: December 7th!

Bring a book that is somehow wrapped up (nothing fancy, just so we can’t tell what book it is). We will be exchanging books, so bring a book that you enjoyed but you won’t have a problem giving to someone else. These books can be gently used or new. Just don’t bring a ‘boring’ book or a book that we read in book club already!

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