Burchette-Cloning Research Day 1-Effective Searching

Today, we’re going outside of the Cobb Digital Library, where anything can happen. In this lesson, we’ll talk about searching effectively & tomorrow we’ll tackle how to tell if what you find is ‘good stuff’.

Searching Effectively

What you put into Google will affect what you get out of Google! Shocking, I know.

Search Terms

Synonyms are your friends. Figure out every possible way to say what you’re looking for.

EX: How could human cloning benefit mankind?

Search Term

Synonyms/Alternate Search Terms

Cloning can break it down into types…reproductive/therapeutic/gene
Reproductive genetic engineering
Therapeutic stem cell research, stem cell therapy

Your turn:

  1. Search with the original terms.
  2. Search with a combination of synonyms.
  3. Note the results returned for each search. You might be able to identify more synonyms from them.

Using Symbols


Advanced Search

Google has an advanced search features under the “Settings” link in the bottom right corner of the main search screen and in the directly below the search bard of the search results screen.

Time to Set Up Your Projects!

Log into your EasyBib account.

  1. https://edu.easybib.com/
    1. Username: firstname_lastname
    2. Password: student ID number (lunch #)
  2. Time to set up your projects!
    1. Add a new project & name it something like this: Cloning
    2. Share your project with your teacher.
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