Final Maker Morning Challenge of the Year!

You can come to the Maker Space any open day to work on your design between now and May 19th!

Chariot Stipulations:

  1. You may work alone or as a team. There will be a sign-up sheet in the MakerSpace.
  2. Each chariot must be able to hold a small stuffed animal ‘racer’ for the duration of the race. You may choose your chariot racer from a small collection which will be available on the MakerCart for measurement & testing. Only one stuffed animal per team and each stuffed animal can only race for one team.
  3. You may use any materials in the MakerSpace and anything you bring from home to build your chariot. Feel free to research designs/request materials!
  4. The course will not be provided for test runs until May 11th.
  5. The official Race Day will be on May 19th. If your team is not available that morning, talk to Mrs. Harpin about an alternate race day.

Awards Available:

  • Fastest completion of course (racer must stay on the chariot)
  • Best design
  • Mrs. Harpin’s favorite
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