Maverick Makers Challenge #1-Hologram Viewers

On Thursday, September 14th, & Tuesday, September 19th, the MakerSpace will be open during Study Hall @8:20 am both days AND during Mav Block on the 19th for our first Makers Challenge of the school year! Passes are limited to 20 per session. In this challenge, you will be provided materials to construct your own 3D holographic viewer using the Pepper’s Ghost method. Students are welcome to bring in additional supplies if they’d like. The viewer with the best picture quality will win a prize.

Never heard of Pepper’s Ghost? Well, probably not, but you might have seen it in action…

Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion’s ballroom is a great example of this technique. Basically, using glass (or plastic or a special foil sheet) set at a 45° angle above a viewing device (phone, ipad, screen…) you can create a holographic vision. Pretty simple, huh?

Another example is Tupac’s performance at Coachella  in 2012 (FYI: he died in 1996)

How Pepper’s Ghost Works:

Different Techniques:


Single Plane:

  • Questions to consider:
    • Will the size of the pane affect image quality?
    • Will the material you choose to make your viewer out of affect image quality?
  • Helpful tutorials:


More about Pepper’s Ghost

Amazing Animated Characters 3D Hologram Video from virshah on Vimeo.

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