Maverick Makers Challenge #4-Get the elf off the shelf

On Thursdays in December, the MakerSpace will be open during Study Hall @8:20 am AND during Mav Blocks when applicable for our fourth Maker Challenge of the school year!

Passes are limited to 20 per session. Tuesdays will still be ‘open exploration’ days in the MakerSpace.

In this challenge, you will be provided materials to construct zip lines for 2-D card stock elves. Students are welcome to bring in additional supplies if they’d like but challenges must be built in the MakerSpace.

The zip line that carries the paper elf to the floor the fastest will win a prize.

You will have ONE Mav Block to work on this challenge. You may also come in during Study Hall or Homeroom as well.

Each student may only submit ONE entry to be judged. You may work in teams of UP TO 3. Anyone over the third team member will not receive a prize.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Will the elf travel sitting, standing, or laying down?
  2. What will hold the elf? (You may NOT attach the elf to any part of your zip line. The elf must stay on the zip line by itself. No gluing, stapling, or taping of the elf to any portion of the zip line apparatus.)
  3. What type of zip line material will be best for speed? (fishing line, yarn, crochet thread)
  4. How will I attach the apparatus that will hold my elf to the zip line?
  5. How can I increase the rate of speed of my apparatus traveling down the zip line?

Ideas to Get You Started:

  • This challenge is all about creativity and critical thinking.

Supplies Available for Your Use:

  • Cups of various sizes & materials
  • Rubber bands
  • Straws (regular AND milkshake size)
  • Index cards
  • String, yard, fishing line
  • Paperclips/binder clips
  • Tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, wrapping paper…)
  • Cardboard
  • Glue, Tape, Staples, Hot Glue…
  • Anything you find in the MakerSpace (check the junk drawers)

PS: More Planning = Less Waste.

Take advantage of the whiteboard tables & scrap paper to design your zip line first. RECYCLE when possible!

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