March Madness Battle of the Books

In honor of March Madness, I set up a battle of the books! The books on the Sweet 16 level (pictured below) are some of the most popular books over the last 3 years.

Contest Info

Students/Staff: Can vote once in each round. We will draw prize pack winners from the submissions. Entries are located in the Media Center at the usual contest location.

Teachers/Staff: Teachers & staff will be given a bracket to complete. Any teacher/staff member who predicts the ALL rounds of the contest correctly will win a grand prize consisting of merchandise from the book fair. In the event of a tie, the first person who submitted their bracket will be declared the winner. Any teacher/staff member who predicts the correct overall champion, regardless of the rest of their bracket choices, will be entered into a drawing for a book fair prize.


Rounds (dates approx.)

March 9-13: Sweet 16

March 14-16: Elite 8

March 19-21: Final 4

March 22-26: Top 2

March 27: Winner Announced


Featured image of books on the main blog page is from
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