April Mav Block Breakouts

  • You may work individually or in teams of up to 4 players.
  • Some locks require the use of additional websites.
  • Think creatively as well as logically. If the lock isn’t opening, try approaching the clue from a different way.
    • Some answers will use all the spaces provided. Some might not. You’ll just have to figure it out.
  • You’re on your own, no hints from us today. 🙂
  • Mrs. Chambless will give you the play codes.
  • Once you click on Start Game, the timer will begin.

We have 2 options to choose from this month:

Option 1: Intermediate

Spring Has Sprung-Winter is coming to a close, and while you may not see them yet, the signs of spring are all around! Can you spot them, and get it started so that we can get a move on toward nicer days?!

Option 2: Advanced

Tricky Travel-You are so excited! Your bags are packed, You are ready to go, but your ticket is locked up! Apparently before you can take off, you need to tackle a few tricky puzzles to collect that treasured ticket!

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