Recap: October 2018 Stats & Photos

October sure was eventful! Seventh Grade AC Social Studies set up a film studio in literally every nook & cranny of the LLC to record their Government Systems of the Middle East Crash Course videos. There were green screens EVERYWHERE! The Big City Book Fair was one of the best we’ve ever had, thanks to the awesome decorations put together by our student crew to supplement the decorations donated from the PSTA from last year’s 8th grade dance. Also a HUGE thanks to the teachers who brought their classes to shop. We appreciate your support of our program through the Book Fair. Profits raised from this help up pay for the MakerSpace activities, student recognitions, and contests that we all love. We also began talking with 6th graders about research skills and dove deeper into Biblionasium with 7th graders.

October 2018 Stats by mccluremediacenter

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