Recap: November 2018 Stats & Photos

November was short, but sweet for our LLC. We had lots of visitors working on projects and checking out books. Seventh grade ELA visited for lessons on evaluating websites and watched/listened to Wikipedia edits happen in real-time Several of the edits were truly memorable, like the time the Cuban Missile Crisis page was deleted and replaced with “Roblox is better than Minecraft”! It was an eye-opening experience for many students.

Our Maverick Makers competed to see who could get the most acorns to hit a target placed a meter away. They could only use paper tubes, cardboard, & tape. This proved to be more complicated than it appeared. The high score was 23 points.

I visited the GaETC (Georgia Educational Technology Conference) and came back with some great ideas to think about.

November 2018 Stats by mccluremediacenter

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