Recap: December 2018 Stats & Photos

December was an amazing month in the LLC. We were SUPER busy researching, learning, & creating! The ‘research season’ was in full swing, with tons of projects due before break. We utilized our NoodleTools subscriptions to cite sources and for digital note-taking. Our PBIS store opened with options to purchase more ‘printer cents’ and have designs printed off of our 3D printer. We offered Mav Block sessions to learn how to design files for 3D printing. Several students used this opportunity to create gifts for loved ones. A couple of very special guests joined us for the annual Book Club Pancake Breakfast. It was a huge treat for Mrs. Coulombe and her husband to come make the pancakes for us! Students worked cooperatively during Study Hall and lunch periods to solve a Breakout and free Buddy the Elf’s dinner. The Merry MakerSpace was a favorite destination during Mav Block where students could create festive holiday items and gifts. Thomas finished assembling the robotic arm kit and it was a huge hit with the other students! We finished out the month with digital Breakouts during Mav Block. Whew! For a ‘short’ month, we sure packed a bunch in! Let’s see what 2019 brings us.

December 2018 Stats by mccluremediacenter

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  1. Kira S says:

    that was fun. i enjoyed it and i like santa scanner

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