Summer Reading 2019

  • Who: All 2019-2020 McClure Students
  • What: Read one or more age- and level-appropriate book(s) of their choice and submit a review using the Summer Reading Form.
  • When: May 23rd – August 9th
  • Where: Form embedded below
  • Why:  Research confirms that children who participate in summer library programs better retain the reading skills they gained during the school year and may even improve their reading level.*

Our students are expected to read one or more age- and level-appropriate book(s) of their choice and submit a review using the Summer Reading Form below. Students who submit at least one Summer Reading Form by August 9th will begin the school year with a positive assignment grade in the gradebook & will be eligible for rewards and recognition.

Each review will be used to enter you into a prize drawing! Your chances of winning increase each time you submit a book review! (Up to 10 entries per person.) Every student that submits at least one review will receive a treat when school starts back in the ‘fall’.

Students might also wish to participate in the Cobb County Summer Reading Challenge by reading 1500 minutes and logging them through Biblionasium. Participation in the Biblionasium program is voluntary and will not be counted as a graded assignment, but the top reader from McClure will receive an award when school resumes in August. For more information about how to log minutes for the Cobb County Summer Reading Challenge can be found here.

The Cobb County Public Library is also hosting opportunities for students to win a box of books at their fall book sale by completing 3 of the activities listed on their flyer.  Check out their calendar for all of the fun programs that will be offered this summer!

Suggested Reading Lists

Parents, we know that we all mean well, but as author Neil Gaiman said, “Well-meaning adults can easily destroy a child’s love of reading. Stop them reading what they enjoy or give them worthy-but-dull books that you like … [and] you’ll wind up with a generation convinced that reading is uncool and, worse, unpleasant.”

Summer is your child’s vacation; encourage them to read for pleasure because they often don’t have time to during the school year! Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center have even found that students who were allowed to choose at least some of their summer reading materials were more likely to maintain or improve their reading levels as compared to those who were not given any choice.*

That said, we do have a couple of lists you might want to refer to, but they are merely suggestions. Please keep in mind that some content may be too mature for younger readers and therefore parental discretion is advised. See your public librarian for alternate titles, series, and authors as needed. Another great resource is

Summer Reading Form 

The form will begin accepting responses on May 23rd and will stop accepting responses on August 9th.


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