Book Club

The Book Club meets in the LLC the second Wednesday morning of each month at 8:15 to discuss a book of our choice & have snacks. Books will be provided, free of charge, to 10 students at each meeting. If more than 10 students attend the meeting, we will draw names for who gets to take the book home.


Tentative Meeting Dates:

September 11th December 11th March 11th
October 9th January 8th April TBD
November 13th February 12th May 13th


Biblionasium Book Club Discussion Group

You can get to Biblionasium from Destiny Discover.

  • Log in at home with your firstname.lastname and computer password.
  • From the 3 line menu (hamburger) in the top left corner of Destiny, select Biblionasium.
  • Follow these directions to join the Book Club Group (Group Code: MCCLUR121) How to join a group. 

Book Club Interest Survey

Please click here to let us know what type of books we should read this year.

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