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Databases vs the Free Web

Copy of Database by mccluremediacenter Nearpod Lesson Links B. Smith: Nearpod Lesson & Quiz S. Campbell: Nearpod Lesson & Quiz Watson: Nearpod Lesson & Quiz Madani: Nearpod Lesson & Quiz For students who were...


7th Grade: Strategic Searching

  These definitions should get you started, but PUT THEM IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Definitions from Oxford Lexico. An effective internet search gets you the results you’re looking for. An efficient internet search gets...


6th Grade Website Evaluation

Day 1 We will use the Website Evaluation Checklist to evaluate this site together:    Day 2 You will practice website evaluation on your own with this site: Digital Form: Click Here Paper Form: Download Here...


Mullen-Canada Research

Additional Research Needed! Cobb Digital Library (Username:, Password: computer password) Culture Grams Kid’s Edition-Canada-Government (link only works at school) Research Databases Encyclopedia Britannica-Canada-Government (link only works at school) Explora (link only works at...


Limpert-Weather Systems

Tornado Storm Prediction Center Tornado Basics Myths & Misconceptions Tornado Safety  Weather Wiz Kids Thunderstorms & Derechos Storm Prediction Center Thunderstorm Basics About Derechos Thunderstorms Hurricanes National Hurricane Center Hurricane Hunters Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale...


Effective Searching

searching warmup by mccluremediacenter Keywords (Keys that ‘fit’ will ‘unlock’ the best results!) Synonyms (Ask another way!) Quotation Marks (Specific words or phrases) Minus sign (Take away what you don’t want) OR (If you...

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