Maverick Makers

3D Print Design Groups

  1. Your nickname is your firstname_lastname that you used to sign up for MavBlock.
    1. Attended your first 3D printing MavBlock in August or September 2019:
    2. Attended your first 3D printing MavBlock in October or November 2019: 

2018/2019 Maker Challenges

  1. September-Build a Better Boat
  2. October
  3. November
  4. December
  5. January
  6. February
  7. March
  8. April

2017/2018 Maker Challenges

  1. SeptemberPepper’s Ghost Holographic Viewer Challenge
    1. Best Single-Pane Image- no teams put their names on these, so we couldn’t determine a winner. 🙁
    2. Best Pyramid Image-
      1. First Place: No Name 🙁
      2. Second Place: Namani, Izzy, Olivia, & Maureen
      3. Third Place: Lizzie & Alexis

  1. OctoberPom-Pom Pumpkin Launchers
    1. Farthest Launched Pumpkin
      1. First Place: Avery, Ava, Alyssa, Valeria, & Aly
      2. Second Place: Ava, Avery & Angelina
      3. Third Place: Evie
    2. Most Creative-Camdyn, Ellise, & Elena


  1. NovemberPhone Speaker Amplifiers  Congratulations to the following Maverick Makers for creating the best phone speaker amplifiers during the November MakerSpace Challenge:
    • 1st Place: Maximum Decibels of 79.2-Zoe Chow
    • 2nd Place: Maximum Decibels of78.3- Alton Byrd & Malcom Rogers
    • 3rd Place: Maximum Decibels of 78.1-Alyssa Brucato, Ava Warrington, & Valeria Paladines
  2. DecemberGet the Elf off the Shelf
    1. Ava R. & Kira O.
  3. January & February-Mystery Architecture
    1. Jan-Megan, Sanjana, Emily, & Elizabeth
    2. Feb-Katie, Alyssa, & Ava
  4. MarchProtect Your Peeps

2016-2017 Maker Challenges

  1. March-Art Bot Challenge
    • Ooooh, Pretty! Award (the Markerbot that made the most pleasing drawing): Christian E.
    • Teamwork Wins Award (worked best as a team): Gaurav N. & Ekemini J.
    • Small but Mighty Award (the markerbot that made the smallest drawing): LaTari W., Thomas A. & Demi B.
    • Large & In Charge (the markerbot that covered the most area): Ethan L.
    • A for Effort Award (builder who never gave up or got discouraged): Rimsha R.
  2. May-Sphero Chariot
    • Winner-Demi B. for her amazing, sliding chariot!


Copy of Maker Mornings by mccluremediacenter

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