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Disclaimers: Please talk to your parents before creating an account to any of these sites. Read the terms of use before creating an account. Please be aware that everything you do online is public to the entire world. Be safe. Don’t put your personal information out there. Ever. Content created by other users on these sites might not be safe or school appropriate. Be responsible. If you make an example that you feel is better than the ones I’ve found, let me know and I’ll use yours instead.




Animoto takes pictures and text and creates a really professional video. Your teacher will have to sign up for this and give you a special code. If you sign up for it by yourself, you’ll only be able to make 30 second videos. The code will allow you to make full length videos. Educational accounts must be renewed every 6 months. You won’t lose the videos you’ve already made, but you’ll only be able to make 30 second videos once your code expires. If you want to include more text than the titles it allows for, make sure you follow the directions below.

Overview Page

You can turn a PowerPoint slide into a picture for your presentation.

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Create slides with or without text.
  3. Click on the Office Button.
  4. Save As.
  5. Other Formats.
  6. Make sure you Save as Type: JPEG (these tend to work better than PNG & GIF)
  7. Save the individual slide as pictures into a folder that you created for this specific project on your lunch #




Blabberize– Users upload a photo of someone to Blabberize, select a mouth and then record a message. Once done, users can email a link to the Blabberize hosted page or embed the result.






Prezi-neat presentation tool. Kind of like a super-awesome PowerPoint that zooms all over the place. Make sure your parents set up the account for you. Its a public site, so your prezis will be published for all the world to see. (don’t put your whole name out there, Internet safety and all…you know?) Reminder-even though you can put YouTube videos into a Prezi, remember that YouTube is blocked by our county and your video will not show up when you are at school.

How to Prezi_Handouts (Also, make sure you go here)

Prezi Example



SchoolTube-upload video assignments to this safe & secure site instead of putting it on YouTube, which is blocked.





Smore– “The simplest designer on the market, and pretty too. Smore makes you look like a pro every time. Even if you have zero design experience.”

  • Utilizes a ‘drag & drop’ format to create attractive, interactive online newsletters.
  • Can add pictures, video, links and more.
  • Tutorial: (PDF)
    • Pay special attention to pages 17 & 18 for privacy settings that you NEED to put in place.





Spicy Nodes– organizes information in a concept map, letting visitors quickly drill down to the information they are looking for. At the same time, it gives people a quick glance at large volumes of information and how each piece relates to others around it. Integrating multimedia with text, students can draw upon video, audio, and photos to bring their concepts to life.

How to edit content

How to edit style




ThingLink-a free and user friendly digital tool that provides users with the ability to turn any image into an interactive graphic. Create multiple “hot spots” on specific parts of an image and turn that image into a multimedia launcher. Include video, record audio or provide a link to any website with the click of a button. Easily embed an interactive ThingLink graphic into any blog or website.





VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments

It’s worth watching all of the tutorial VoiceThreads. These ‘mini-lessons’ give you visual instructions for using the features at VoiceThread, and will enhance your experience and the quality of your projects! Overview

Book review example




Voki is a web-based application that allows registered users to create animated avatars that can deliver audio messages up to 60 seconds in length.   Created avatars can be embedded into wikis, web pages, and blogs.  They can also be sent via email or mobile phone.  Please see the directions for Creating an avatar using Voki and FAQs. Here is another ‘how to’ presentation.

Book review examples 1

Book review examples 2

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