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MMS Digital Book Club!

Book Club Membership Form If you would like to be added to our Teams group, please fill out the information form linked above. Once you are added to our group, log into Office 365,...


November Book Club

At our October meeting, our members asked if we could read a scary book next, so…this month Mrs. Coulombe and I chose to feature an author that is prolific in that particular genre instead...


March Book Club Book(s)

Last month, we read Skulduggery Pleasant by Dereck Landy, which our member  unanimously enjoyed! YAY! Finally, a book we ALL liked! We decided to go from a stretch of sci fi/fantasy books to try out some...

Book Club’s January Pick 0

Book Club’s January Pick

January-Book #5: Peeled by Joan Bauer *Next Meeting-February 22nd* Hildy Biddle wants something monumental to happen so she can finally prove herself to be more than a high school journalist. The problem? Her town’s...

Book Club Book #2-The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki 0

Book Club Book #2-The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki

“Timothy doesn’t really know what to make of Abigail, the new girl in his seventh-grade class. After she is humiliated before her classmates, bad things start happening. Timothy’s best friend sees the clawed monster...

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