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‘Lego’ My Books! 1

‘Lego’ My Books!

Come to the media center and enter our newest contest! Can you decipher these book covers that have be ‘Lego’-fied? Here’s a larger view of the book covers: Some students have remarked that this...

We Like Big Books & We Can Not Lie! 0

We Like Big Books & We Can Not Lie!

Oh, yes. We went there. We sure did. And we’re not at all apologetic about it. The search is on for the biggest (most pages) Fiction and Nonfiction (Informational) books in our media center....

Banned Books Week 0

Banned Books Week

The way I see banned book week is this: it’s a great way to open a dialog about choice and our basic freedoms in America. I’m not here to push books that are wildly...

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