October 18

Sixth Grade Show Choir


The following students passed the Show Choir audition, and are invited to our first rehearsal on Wednesday, March 28, at 8:15 am in the chorus room. Passes will be distributed during class on Tuesday:

Afia Amoako-Boateng

Faith Arnold

Catherine Dunn

Areiya Goodman-Forrest

Lexi Grote

Ella Hall

Sierra McLaughlin

Greta McLean

Peyton Jones

Shannon Kellman

Zaria Sifflet

Raquel Tovar

Audition Video

The video was not shared because of formatting issues. All classes have rehearsed the dance during each class period, and it only lasts 40 seconds. The video can be found below in the awkward format.  The audio and video is there, but cannot be turned the correct way. It may work if you use ctrl/alt/(right arrow) on your computer.

Video (1)-1s4gzl4



 Audition Information

Many students took show choir audition forms this past week. If your child would like to sign up for an audition, please see the links below. There are both morning and afternoon auditions, but everyone signs up for one only. Your child will bring their signed form as permission to audition. Those with morning auditions will receive a pass on Friday, March 16. Auditions begin on Monday, March 19. The video for the second part of the audition will be both shared in class with students, and emailed by Thursday evening. The routine will also be taught in class. Those who pass the audition will be notified by Monday, March 26, 2018. The first rehearsal is on Wednesday, March 28, at 8 am in the chorus room. An electronic copy of the audition form can be found on the blog. It is also attached to this email. Please let me know if you have any questions.


MORNING 6th Grade Show Choir Audition Slots:


AFTERNOON 6th Grade Show Choir Audition Slots: