October 18

Sixth Grade Show Choir

Spring 2019 Sixth Grade Show Choir Members!

Congratulations to the following students:

Zoey Chisholm

Lily Starbuck

Hayden Bontempi

Jayme Reynolds

Iliana Barber

Ava Valentin

William Huggett

Natalie Sigur

Chays Sanders

Nola Zeppenfeld

Christian Smith

Neema Mapson

2019 Show Choir Audition Video Link

Audition information will be posted later this week. We will begin to sign up for auditions on Friday Auditions will take place before and after school on January 29-February 1, 2019. Interested students are required to learn the first 41 seconds of the video (singing and dancing):

2019 Audition Information

All 6th grade chorus students are eligible to audition for Show Choir. If your child would like to sign up for an audition, please see the links below. There are both morning and afternoon auditions, but everyone signs up for one only. Your child will bring their signed form as permission to audition. Those with morning auditions will receive a pass on Monday, January 28. Auditions begin on Tuesday, January 29.

Show Choir Info Letter/Permission Slip:

Show Choir 6th 19-2bcqkqj

Show Choir Audition Rubric:

6th show choir rubric 19-1799oql


Sign-up Genius Link: 6th Grade Show Choir AFTERNOON Auditions:



Sign-up Genius Link: 6th Grade Show Choir MORNING Auditions: