Spring 2020 – Distance Learning for Chorus

Don’t worry!  If you’re behind on doing the Flipgrid assignments, you can still do them for FULL credit.  I would love to see your face in the video because I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!




  • Monday, 3/30: Use flipgrid to talk to me about how you’re doing so far.  Do you have any ideas for other assignments we could do in flipgrid? https://flipgrid.com/611c3668
  • Tuesday, 3/31: Sing an excerpt of “Fight Song” with Miss Peterson’s motions. https://flipgrid.com/e32b4a9f
  • Wednesday, 4/1: APRIL FOOL’S DAY – Make me believe that you’re a famous singer.  Record an excerpt of you doing lip-sync to any song. https://flipgrid.com/8982fb80
  • Thursday, 4/2: Solfege composition – Create an original song using only solfege words and signs.  Don’t stress out over it; improvisation is the best! https://flipgrid.com/dd74cf48
  • Friday, 4/3: Sing a family song.  I recommend “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” but you can do any song you want.  Try to get a parent, a sibling, a pet, or a stuffed animal in the video with you!  https://flipgrid.com/5f65ceca

WEEK 4 is SPRING BREAK!!! (no assignments)


  • Monday, 4/13: We have done 14 Flipgrid assignments so far.  I LOVE hearing you sing and talk to me on these videos!  I’d like for you to go back through your Flipgrid account and make sure you have done them all.  I will be entering grades into Synergy this week and I want you to get credit for how AWESOME you are!
  • Tuesday, 4/14: There have been some fabulous concerts online the last few weeks. Here’s a link to my favorite one so far.  I cried on the last song!  For today’s assignment, I’d like for you to tell me about a great performance you’ve seen online and post it to Flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/17850700
  • Wednesday & Thursday, 4/15 & 16:  Use the melody of a song that you already know, but change the words to be about something else.  Sing your parody for me on this Flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/e5048422

    I am going to grade you:

    25 points – singing a recognizable melody

    25 points – singing creative new lyrics

    50 bonus points – because I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

  • Friday, 4/17:  Catch up on any assignments you are missing.  Be sure to check StudentVue!


Week 7: (I emailed your parents the information for the Zoom meeting.  Let me know if you still need it.)

Week 8: *7th & 8th graders, bring me your chorus/band uniform when you come to Palmer to clean out your locker!

Week 9:

Email me if you have any questions: marla.baldwin@cobbk12.org

Only I will be able to see the students’ videos.  If you go to My.Flipgrid.com, you can log-in (with Office 365) to see comments from me.  Under “My Videos”, click “view” in the feedback column.


Chorus Calendar

J0318174  The ultimate goal of the choral experience is the development of the individual both musically and personally for the lifelong pursuit and enjoyment of music.” 

I am easiest to reach through email: Marla.Baldwin@cobbk12.org

Chorus Calendar 

Choral concerts are the equivalent to a final exam.  Attendance is EXTREMELY important.  Our team suffers without the valuable contributions of each singer to our group sound.  If circumstances arise that cause the student to miss a concert, the following make-up assignment is required.

Concert Make up work.doc


Here are some sample recordings of the major, minor and chromatic scales in various keys.  Use these to help you practice.  The students do this so much better than I do.  Please don’t laugh. 🙂

Starting on Middle C:

Starting on E:

Starting on A below Middle C:

Starting on E below Middle C:

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